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The name of the business, Chiron
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Helping Millennial Parents get out of pain and be the example of wellness for their kids

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Personal Training

Meet the Team

Chiron (KAI-ron) is the centaur healer and teacher in Greek mythology. He was also responsible for training all of the legendary heroes. Our goal is to teach you how to take control of your health, your pursuit of your passion, and your life. To become a hero for yourself and for your family

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Smiling Picture of Founder/Coach Patrick

Coach Patrick

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Husband, Fit Dad of 2 wonderful little boys, lifetime bmx rider and entrepreneur wasn't always the healthiest dude in the world. As a mechanical engineer Patrick spent 6 years working in offices and manufacturing facilities. Managing stress the best way he knew how, drinking most nights and eating his feelings. Reaching a lifetime high of 240lbs and totally inactive, he began his fitness journey to regain his health. Working with a trainer, and amazing mentors; Patrick developed a passion for health, strength and the pursuit of helping others. ​ Working 60-80 hours a week as a Quality Manager, and 14 hours a week as a personal trainer. He realized what it meant to truly love what you do, and what was really possible. ​ Inspired to help others to change their lives, he pursued a career in health and wellness. For the last seven years Patrick has dedicated himself helping clients get out of pain, get stronger and show up in their lives as the best version of themselves. Patrick works tirelessly to truly understand the struggles, needs and lives of his clients, to build the most comprehensive, adapatble, and transformative training experience possible.

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Coach Donna

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Growing up, Donna had a passion for running and martial arts. This was carried throughout different phases of her life. She ran Track and Field, and Cross Country. She also practices kickboxing and Muay Thai. Athletic pursuits were always an outlet. Majoring in Biology, Donna developed a fascination for anatomy, and the function of the human body. In combination with a degree in dental hygiene, she was intent on helping people improve their health. In 2016, Donna suffered an achilles injury while training at a Ninja Warrior gym. Immediately after recovery, she gave birth to a beautiful boy, and another beautiful boy in 2020. Donna began to see her own health gradually decline. Struggling through a tough pregnancy and a pandemic was a defining chapter in her life. She decided to take charge of her health, inspiring her to become a certified personal trainer. As a mother, Donna continues to instill the importance of health in her family, especially her two boys. It is her goal to help women live healthier lives, not only for themselves but for the people they love. Specializing in Women's Health and Strength Training she uplifts women to meet their potential. Most importantly, Donna provides a space where women of all races, cultures, and backgrounds are welcomed, and feel safe. Donna is currently working on her Cancer Exercise Specialist certification.

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Client Stories

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