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Current Partnerships

Working with brands and businesses to better serve you and provide insights as to why I support these brands and businesses. If these sound interesting, click the links to find out more. 

Delta Five Performance

Delta Five Performance offers training to elite athletes and those looking to become elite. Delta Five also offers the most comprehensive, principle based training education in our industry. The Delta Five Intensive spans topics covering philosophy, training principles and laws, heuristics and finding your perfect customer, methods of training, biomechanics and more. This is hands down the best education on the market.



Vivobarefoot offers stylish minimalist shoes with maximum benefits. Improving your intrinsic foot strength is as easy as wearing these shoes daily. Vivobarefoot are pioneering restorative manufacturing practices in the shoe industry and working to improve the environment along the way. Use PatrickH10 for 10% on any order at


Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins is the highest quality collagen supplement on the market. My favorite benefit among many comes in the way of providing the proper nutrition to support strong connective tissue and joint health. Check out for more information.

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